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June 03
00:42 2021 Promotes Genetic Testing for Cancer

Cancer could form in any organ in the body, and it can spread without warning. Many patients are diagnosed with some form of cancer, and their doctors must develop a care plan to treat and eliminate it. Genetic testing could shed more light on more effective treatment options. 

Identifying If You Have Markers for Cancer

When conducting genetic testing, the doctors will determine if the patient has any markers for cancer. They will review the findings and identify markers indicating the patient has genes that cause different forms of cancer and explain what cancers could develop. The findings answer a variety of questions the patient may have about their health and their risks of developing these forms of cancer according to

Learn What Lifestyle Changes Decrease Risks

The findings of the genetic tests and a comparison of the patient’s lifestyle identify any changes they could make to lower their risk of getting cancer. For example, quitting smoking is one of the more obvious lifestyle changes that can decrease cancer risks, but there are others as well.

Some patients may not know that excessive alcohol consumption could increase their risk of colon cancer, and if they consume alcoholic beverages frequently, they could be at a higher risk. The doctors can explain what lifestyle changes are better for the patient and help them stay healthier. New Collaboration Aims to Make Genetic Testing More Accessible for patients everywhere. 

Defining Your Personal Risk of Developing Cancer

When starting the tests, the doctor will ask the patient several questions about their family medical history, and these factors could determine if the patient has a personal risk of developing cancer. When they explore the types of cancer that family members experienced, the tests are tailored to find genes that cause these specific forms of cancer, and the patient will get results that show their level of risk. Patients that want to learn more about genetic testing could read articles here to get additional info now. 

Options for Preventing Family Members From Getting Cancer

Once the patient has their test results, they can present information to other family members about cancer risks that are hereditary. The details could get their family to seek genetic testing, too, and their family members can assess their risks for common cancers that run in the family. Patients who want to set up genetic testing contact a service provider such as TruGenXnow. 

Creating a More Successful Outcome If You Get Cancer

Genetic testing helps patients define risks and after they have been diagnosed with cancer, and the tests could show the doctors better ways to treat it. Genetics shows them specific details about tumors and what treatments can eliminate them faster and increase the patient’s survival odds. 

Cancer has been considered a death sentence for decades, but new treatments and research show how genetic testing could help the patient eliminate additional risks and improve their survival rates. Genetics can also provide further insight into how to treat the disease and find better ways to eliminate tumors.

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