New Theory Reveals Unknown Finding About The Concept of Infinity

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New Theory Reveals Unknown Finding About The Concept of Infinity

August 15
19:57 2022
Contrary to popular beliefs, a new discovery is showing that infinity and matter are actually one and in fact, “everything is infinite or is not”.

Infinity has been a puzzling concept for a long time. But now, a new discovery is revealing a different idea of what it represents. The modern philosophical theory of Infinitism has been offered recently to make infinity a real operative topic.

Up till now, the general belief has been that matter and infinity are two separate concepts. This new theory, however, suggests that they are actually one: matter is not but infinity; or more concretely, the matter is just an infinite action. 

This theory states that ‘Everything is infinite or is not’. This implies that every phenomenon needs to be infinite to exist. So when one claims that a thing is infinite one means that it is infinitely composite. Whether it’s a little atom or a huge galaxy, its structure is compositely infinite. 


Based on this idea, the theory of Infinitism suggests that one can find infinite layers and components in any phenomenon. There are endless sources of materials and energy if one can scale their actions to the size of anything’s structure. 

If this claim is accurate, it implies that humanity has always had access to limitless resources in all forms of matter. To get what is needed, humans don’t need to mine or dig up the ground; there is also no need to exhaust and ruin the planet in the process. To find anything and all of it, humans just need to adapt their knowledge and technology to the Nanoscale and beyond, as was done for atomic energy, for example. Humans succeeded up to the level of the atom, but Infinitism contends that an atom is comparable to the universe, and that there are many resources to be discovered inside.

In order to achieve it, the theory of Infinitism proposes the establishment of a brand-new discipline called Infinitylogy. This is where philosophy, science, and technology join interactively to explore the material reality of the infinite.


Infinitylogy is interested in the rules and principles by which infinity is functioning within matter. It should prove that the fabric of reality is subject to the laws of infinity. Once humans are aware of this, they can begin to study the infinite levels of matter’s composition and put them to whatever use they see fit. Infinitylogy then formulates these laws of infinitude according to which the material existence operates. 

The discipline of Infinitylogy is currently under construction. To do so, Korosh Erfani and his team founded a research institute called the Center for Research and Development of Infinitylogy (CRDI). In this center, they try to work on the proper methodology and the fundamentals of this discipline so that it can eventually be integrated into the academic setting. 

For moving forward with this project, they have already created several websites that are available to the public. To learn more about the theory of Infinitism:; to know more about the new discipline of Infinitylogy:; to learn more about the Center for Research and Development of Infinitylogy (CRDI): Also, they are currently constructing an exhaustive online encyclopedic database about infinity on this website:

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