Experience the Ultimate Private In-Home Alcohol Detox With Dr. Mark Leeds

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Experience the Ultimate Private In-Home Alcohol Detox With Dr. Mark Leeds

March 01
17:52 2023
Experience the Ultimate Private In-Home Alcohol Detox With Dr. Mark Leeds

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA – March 01, 2023 – For people interested in quitting alcohol, Dr. Mark Leeds provides in-home alcohol detox services with excellent results. In contrast to the traditional alcohol detox center, his program is a private, customized medically supervised detox that minimizes downtime.

In fact, many clients are surprised to find that they can continue with home and work activities during the detox program. The in-home detox protocol works, to safely navigate alcohol withdrawal, preventing severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, such as delirium tremens.

The program provides around-the-clock medical supervision and observation. Dr. Leeds is personally involved in every case, along with an experienced detox nurse and therapist.

Overcoming alcohol dependency alone is not easy. The alcohol detoxification process should be medically managed for safety and comfort. Dr. Leeds helps clients detox from alcohol at home where they are most comfortable.

Unfortunately, traditional alcohol detox programs do not take into account the needs of the individual client. Old-style detox and rehab facilities force their clients into group sessions and they must engage in 12-step facilitation. Dr. Leeds does not agree with this approach.

Dr. Leeds is one of the leading proponents of the concept that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in addiction treatment, including alcohol addiction treatment. Each client must be treated as a unique individual.

Some clients benefit from long-term medication-assisted treatment, and others do well with short-term detoxification. The in-home alcohol detox program specializes in transitioning clients from their last alcohol consumption, through the detox process, so they will quickly get back to feeling normal again.

Traditional inpatient detox and Alcoholics Anonymous are not right for everyone. For people looking for a more personal and private experience, at home detox with Dr. Mark Leeds is an ideal solution.

It is possible to stop alcohol use without having to worry about severe withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol detox symptoms are best managed with a safe medical detox. Clients can now receive this expert care at home.

Unfortunately, unlike Dr. Leeds’s in-home alcohol detox program, traditional alcohol rehabs often do not include 24/7 oversight by a doctor throughout the process. They also do not provide around-the-clock nursing care or therapy with a doctor of psychology.

Unlike Dr. Leeds, many detox and rehab programs treat alcohol dependence with poorly trained addiction counselors. Their solution is to put clients into groups to talk it out, which some people believe is an invasion of privacy. Dr. Leeds does not believe that this approach is right for everyone.

While the traditional detox and rehab solution may work for some people, there are many others looking for an alternate solution. What if outpatient detox clients could recover in the privacy of their home, continuing their regular activities throughout the detox process? This is possible with concierge in-home alcohol detox.

Dr. Leeds has designed an incredible home detox program, and he is working with clients on a daily basis, helping them to overcome alcohol dependence. His unique alcohol detox solution has attracted many people who are looking for a safe, private way to get alcohol out of their lives once and for all. Please contact Dr. Leeds here for more information.

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