Empowers Users To Shape The Future Of Marriage On The Blockchain

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March 13
09:40 2023

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we transact and has now set its sights on the world of love and marriage. is proud to announce that it is the first and leading platform for marriage on the blockchain. 

The CEO of, Arnaud Knobloch, says, “We believe that everyone has the right to marry the person they love. That’s why we established a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to help us achieve our mission. Our DAO empowers you to help shape the future of our platform and organization.”’s DAO enables users to participate in the decision-making process through on-chain governance. The backbone of the DAO is the MARRY token, which serves a dual purpose of granting voting rights to token holders and rewarding active participation in the decision-making process and network growth.

Moreover, every couple who gets married on the platform and receives a MarryOnChain certificate (soulbound token) will automatically receive a designated amount of MARRY tokens as a symbol of the platform’s appreciation for their support and contribution to the ecosystem. 

The MarryOnChain DAO is dedicated to creating the best platform possible and investing in the best way possible. The collective wisdom of the community can prioritize the features and investments that matter most, and ensure the platform always evolves to meet user needs. With the help of the DAO, aims to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to marry on the blockchain, with security, transparency, and equality. believes in the power of love and supports the right for anyone to marry the person they love, regardless of any societal or legal barriers that may exist. The MarryOnChain certificate is a non-transferable and non-sellable soulbound token (SBT) stored on the blockchain. It is a symbol of your love and forever secured on the blockchain. offers the freedom to propose to a stranger, multiple marriages, using ENS names, avatars, and the ability to marry your pet. Additionally, it is possible to divorce without mutual consent, and the option to split costs is also available. is committed to providing a unique and symbolic expression of love on the blockchain, with the power of the MarryOnChain DAO and MARRY token empowering users to shape the future of marriage on the blockchain.

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