Balanced Obedience introduces a comprehensive online puppy training course that teaches dog training without using a shock collar or relying on treat bribes.

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Balanced Obedience introduces a comprehensive online puppy training course that teaches dog training without using a shock collar or relying on treat bribes.

March 13
12:57 2023
Balanced Obedience, Hawaii’s premier no-shock collar dog training provider, has introduced an Online Puppy Training Course that teaches a new puppy owner everything they need to know about caring for a new puppy. Topics include puppy care, grooming, feeding, creating good behaviors and introducing obedience training.

Balanced Obedience is thrilled to introduce its new online Puppy Training Course, which provides a puppy owner everything they need to know to raise their young puppy.  Nearly 2 hours of video is broken up into over 30 fun and easy training modules designed to cover every aspect of owning a puppy.  The Online Puppy Training Course is designed for puppies under 4 months of age and is followed by the Online Doggie Boot Camp Course for older puppies and dogs.  The Premium Bundle for these courses include customized training and private online coaching from Balanced Obedience.

The  online course helps puppy owners train their puppies and bond with them without using shock collars or relying on treats as bribes. The course is designed to provide an effective and humane way for dog owners to raise and train their fur babies.

Everyone loves their furry companions, even when they’re not always perfect. Puppy owners can all admit to having a shoe chewed, cushions torn up, every corner of the house peed on, and many other unwanted behaviors. Raising and living with a puppy can be stressful and exhausting when they aren’t well-trained. In desperation, many dog owners have turned to shock collar training and using treats as bribes to reinforce training commands. Balanced Obedience introduces proven relationship-based dog training techniques that do not use shock collars or rely on treat bribes.

As Hawaii’s premier dog training service provider, Balanced Obedience understands the importance of dog training for the mental and physical development of puppies. This course is designed with the Service Dog Candidate in mind, so all pet dogs will benefit from the improved relationship training will bring their puppy.  Training also instills desired behavior in dogs and creates a sense of security for the puppies. With the Online Puppy Training Course, Balanced Obedience provides dog owners valuable training resources they can use multiple times, even as their pup grows older. Balanced Obedience’s training videos are meant to prevent bad behaviors as the puppy matures.  Special discounts are provided to those who also enroll in the Online Doggie Boot Camp Course and subsequent Owner-Trained Service Dog Program.

The Online Puppy Training Course is created by Sabrina Clark who has been training dog since 1986 and has formulated a way to train each dog individually with the least amount of resistance possible. The program is easy to follow, and dog owners can train the pawfect puppy without harsh or unreliable methods.

With years of experience training puppies and Service Dogs, over 10,000 dogs have benefited from the Balanced Obedience System. The Online Puppy Training Course is broken down into modules covering different puppy training aspects. Balanced Obedience focuses on helping dog owners teach their puppies basic obedience commands, modify behavior, house training, and more. TheOnline Puppy Training Course is perfect for first time puppy owners and for those who want to learn the tips and tricks from a Service Dog trainer with decades of experience.

The online Puppy training course emphasizes positive reinforcement and patience rather than punishing bad behavior or treat bribes that lead to an unhealthy dependency on treats. When dog owners employ a gentler approach to dog training, puppies are more responsive, yielding long-term results, unlike punishment and shock-collar training which can instill fear and aggression in dogs.

The Puppy Training Course is available online, and dog owners can sign up for the Online Puppy Training Course that encourages good behavior, obedience and vitality. Balanced Obedience has designed the course to be flexible so that dog owners can conduct the training exercises at their own pace. Balanced Obedience has also broken down the modules to cover different aspects of training, such as correcting aggression, potty training, socialization, and more. Balanced Obedience also provides support to help dog owners who run into any issues during the online course with the Premium Bundle upgrade.

Balanced Obedience hopes that the Online Puppy Training Course will help more dog owners develop strong bonds with their puppies, bonds built on trust, while also helping the puppies learn how to behave and respond to commands. Early adopters of the program have described it as the best online puppy training course, with many finding it to be an effective and humane way to train their furry friends.

Visit Balanced Obedience to learn more about the online puppy training program and more on dog training.

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