Reveal the high-value surprise of OKBOX’s airdrop

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Reveal the high-value surprise of OKBOX’s airdrop

March 14
04:58 2023

OKBOX is a completely innovative Web3 Mystery box project, funded by top blockchain teams in the crypto circle and running independently in the form of DAO. Users can get digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and OKC (OKBOX ecological token) in OKBOX, as well as high-value NFTs such as Otherdeed, Sandbox, and Meebits.



Through the analysis of the transaction data on the blockchain, OKBOX began airdropping OKBOX-PASS to the wallet address of collecting high-value NFT in early March. Users who obtain OKBOX-PASS can activate and purchase Genesis Mystery Box on the official website The difference between Genesis Mystery Box and regular Mystery boxes is the amount of $OKC obtained. The initial 3000 Genesis Mystery Boxes included 15% of the total $OKC, the total supply of $OKC is 1 billion, so 15% is 150 million, which means that each Genesis Mystery Box contains 50,000 OKC. The current setting of the Genesis Mystery Box is that it can open at least 25,000 OKC and up to 1 million OKC, with an estimated value ranging from 2,500 USDT to 100,000 USDT. After more than 3,000 Genesis Mystery Boxes, it will become increasingly difficult to obtain OKC.


OKC (OKBOX Coin) is the governance token of OKBOX. With a total supply of 1 billion, $OKC will be released in stages, starting with the initial 3,000 Genesis Mystery Boxes. The conditions for releasing $OKC will continue to increase based on the 3,000 Genesis Mystery Boxes, making it increasingly difficult to obtain $OKC. Therefore, the earlier you purchase the Genesis Mystery Box, the higher the cost-effectiveness for users who want to hold $OKC. After the initial 15%, or 150,000,000 OKC, is released through the 3,000 Genesis Mystery Boxes, $OKC will be listed on the exchange. After listing on the exchange, it is expected that the price of $OKC will be 1 OKC = 0.1 USDT.

If you are lucky enough to be airdropped with an OKBOX-PASS, don’t miss this chance as it is only one in a million! Among the 3 million users on OpenSea, only 10,000 wallets have been targeted for airdrops and once the 3000 Genesis Mystery Boxes are sold out, all OKBOX-PASS will become invalid. The value of $OKC will increase with the difficulty of acquisition, and early holders of $OKC will enjoy the bonus of price appreciation. Users who are not airdropped with OKBOX-PASS can choose other mystery boxes from OKBOX with 100% winning rate.


100% Winning Rate:

Everyone has a chance to get high-value NFTs such as Otherdeed, Sandbox, and Meebits, since the obtaining prizes process is completely transparent.

To ensure absolute fairness in obtaining prizes, OKBOX will use a hash algorithm that cannot be reversed to ensure that the obtaining prizes process is tamper-proof. Each time the Mystery BOX is opened, OKBOX first uses the Hash algorithm to calculate the “My Seed” + “Time Seed” to obtain the Result Seed, and then converts the Result Seed into decimal to obtain a value. The range of items corresponding to this value is the prize obtained this time.


User A opens the OKBOX-Plus box and inputs “OKBOX” as “My Seed”. The time point is UTC time 2023-03-03 06:01:23.563, corresponding to Timestamp 1677823283563. Then use Sha256 to calculate “OKBOX1677823283563”, and the calculated hash value is 036b40c52a8f70b48ed4197dc4c36d181c1c208f78382ca1deb0497dce9ccf97.

Finally, take the first 5 digits of the hash value, 036b4, and convert it to decimal to get the prize number: 14004. If 14004 is within the range of any prize, user A will get the corresponding NFT.    OKBOX is currently offering limited-time specials on all of its Mystery boxes, starting at just 1 USDT! Quantities are very limited.


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