Hyndman – Open Coil Heating Elements & Resistance Wire Manufacturer In Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Hyndman – Open Coil Heating Elements & Resistance Wire Manufacturer In Fort Wayne, Indiana

March 15
13:16 2023

CHANGZHOU DLX ALLOY CO, LTD has just announced the formation of a new division: Hyndman—a leading manufacturer of open coil heating elements and resistance wire located in Fort Wayne, Indiana (USA). This is great news for those looking to take advantage of the latest technology available in the industry.

Hyndman’s products are designed to meet or exceed all applicable standards for quality and performance. They have provided superior products since 2002 when CHANGZHOU DLX ALLOY CO, LTD was established. To ensure their customers receive top-notch service and satisfaction, they have obtained both ISO 9001 International Quality Management System Certificate and SGS Certificate as well as other certifications from multiple organizations around the world.

The company prides itself on its commitment to customer service excellence and strives to provide reliable delivery schedules with no compromise on quality control standards or product specifications. The company also offers comprehensive technical support services which include troubleshooting guides and assistance with installation instructions when necessary.

In addition to producing high-quality heating elements and resistance wires, Hyndman also provides top-of-the-line design services such as custom designs based on user requirements along with circuit simulations using advanced software tools like MATLAB/Simulink®. Their flexible manufacturing capabilities allow them to offer short lead times while still meeting customer expectations every time.

By establishing this new division at Changzhou Dlx Alloy Co., Ltd., customers can rest assured that they will be getting only the best products backed by professional engineering teams who will provide years of reliable service even after installation is complete – something that many companies often don’t pay enough attention too! We look forward to seeing what kind of amazing things come out of this collaboration between two great industry giants soon!

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