Saravanan Kasinathan Leaving Teaching After 16 Years To Pursue His Dreams With The Ministry Of Gemstones

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Saravanan Kasinathan Leaving Teaching After 16 Years To Pursue His Dreams With The Ministry Of Gemstones

April 01
11:57 2023
Affectionately known as Alex by his clients, Saravanan is leaving teaching after 16 incredible years to dedicate his full attention to the Ministry of Gemstones. With a passion for collecting gemstones, he is the perfect fit for this role.

Many people have a fascination with gemstones and collecting the pieces they find. From sapphires to emeralds, each stone has stunning colors and beautiful shapes and sizes. Avid gemstone collectors know the unfortunate disappointment when a new, beautiful piece turns out to be synthetic instead of the gemstone they thought they had purchased. 

In his long collection history, Saravanan, better known as Alex, has also experienced this. His love for gemstones and experience with being sold synthetic pieces has led him to build a wealth of knowledge for gems and put him in his role as the company director for the Ministry of Gemstones. 

How Alex went from a beloved biology teacher to the director of the Ministry of Gemstones 

Alex has worked as a biology teacher in Singapore for the last 16 years. As a teacher, he bestowed more than knowledge of science on his students. He taught them to pursue their dreams and what they feel passionate about continuously. Not pursuing one’s passions can bring regret later in life, and he never wanted his students to feel that regret and disappointment.  

That’s when Alex realized he was doing just what he told his students not to do. He was ignoring his passion. For almost as long as he was a teacher, he had been fascinated with gemstones. As an avid collector, he had experienced the ups and downs, from finding the perfect gemstone to realizing he had been sold a synthetic sapphire. Over the years, he had built up a vast knowledge of gems and had yet to use it outside of his collecting.  

Alex has decided it’s time to pursue his passion and is leaving teaching to put all his focus into being the company director for the Ministry of Gemstone, with Frendys Eka Lukiputra as the company shareholder. In this role, he gets to help others find beautiful new pieces for their collections. They get to know they are getting the highest quality pieces from an expert when working with Alex.  

It’s more than just providing gem pieces to Alex. He’s continuing his passion for teaching as well by helping to educate others on gemstone identifications. Alex is always willing to explain a gemstone’s origins and identifying features to help educate collectors on what stone they’re adding to their display. His vast knowledge is the added bonus to getting a stone from the Ministry of Gemstones.  


Alex may be leaving one passion, but his new role as the company director at the Ministry of Gemstones continues to let him teach while bringing in his passion for gemstones. As his collection continues to expand, he is also helping other enthusiasts add to their collections with stunning gemstones from the Ministry of Gemstones.  

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