Grateful Earth Offers Delicious Mushroom Coffee with Powerful Nootropics and No Jitters

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Grateful Earth Offers Delicious Mushroom Coffee with Powerful Nootropics and No Jitters

May 27
00:09 2023
Explore the benefits of Grateful Earth’s superfood-packed mushroom coffee and how users enjoy a jitter-free brain and body boosting coffee with a rich aroma and delicious flavor.

Health-conscious coffee lovers can enjoy a daily dose of powerhouse superfood ingredients like lion’s mane and chaga mushroom with a gourmet Arabica and Robusta coffee blend. Grateful Earth coffee includes six brain-healthy nootropic ingredients, fruiting body mushrooms, rich and full coffee flavor, micro-ground gourmet coffee, and no crash, jitters, or anxiety. 

“We’re not just another mushroom coffee that tastes bland. We give you the whole coffee experience while sneaking all the benefits of mushrooms into your daily ritual,” Grateful Earth founders said. 

Powerful superfood ingredients and great taste

“We’re passionate about the transformative power of medicinal plants, tonic herbs, and powerful adaptogens (aka natural nootropics) for a high-vibration, holistic lifestyle,” Grateful Earth’s founder said.

—  Turmeric: Lowers inflammation in the brain and body, increases antioxidants, and supports overall brain health
—  Chaga Mushroom: Chaga mushroom coffee boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, and lowers blood sugar
—  Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Supports memory, focus, and nerve regeneration and supports the immune system and gut health with lion’s mane coffee
—  Cinnamon: Loaded with antioxidants, lowers inflammation, improves overall health, and adds a powerful, sweet aromatic flavor
—  L-Theanine: Reduces anxiety and improves focus and sleep
—  Black Pepper: Supports brain function, turmeric absorption, reduces inflammation, improves blood sugar, and lowers cholesterol

“We pack six all-natural nootropics: turmeric, cinnamon, lion’s mane, chaga, l-theanine, and black pepper. These ingredients have been shown to support focus, concentration, relaxation, steady energy levels, immune system, and daily wellness,” company representatives said. 

Built on a foundation of gratitude

Grateful Earth was founded around the idea that gratitude can be a powerful medicine, connecting people with the Earth and the sacred in the modern world while raising awareness and empowering people. Users value and support their health and enjoy the robust flavor of a functional brain-focused, non-GMO, gluten-free mushroom instant coffee blend that’s easy to take on the go. 

“Our business is a vehicle to serve you by offering the truth, nourishing the planet, and celebrating life,” company representatives said. 

Grateful Earth focuses on the whole coffee experience

Coffee lovers can find numerous brands of mushroom coffee to get their daily superfoods, but with Grateful Earth, they don’t have to sacrifice flavor and the enjoyment of their morning coffee to do it. The company uses premium coffee beans roasted to perfection to provide a rich aroma and pleasant mouthfeel with every sip. 

Versatile blends and distinct flavors

Grateful Earth offers its Super Brain Coffee with all six nootropic ingredients in the dark roast or a 3-in-1 medium roast with non-dairy coconut creamer and brown sugar. Customers can enjoy their morning brew by using instant coffee packets. Each serving of the 3-in-1 includes 50 mg of caffeine. The dark roast instant expresso powder has 75 mg of caffeine.


Visit the Grateful Earth website to learn more about the company’s nootropic mushroom coffee products and be inspired by the latest company updates. Reach out on Facebook or Instagram to connect with the brand on social media. 

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