Stirring Messages of Faith and Hope – Christian Artist Ricky Byrum Releases Inspirational EP and Book, “Greater is He”

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Stirring Messages of Faith and Hope – Christian Artist Ricky Byrum Releases Inspirational EP and Book, “Greater is He”

February 27
01:18 2024
Stirring Messages of Faith and Hope - Christian Artist Ricky Byrum Releases Inspirational EP and Book, "Greater is He"
Ricky Byrum’s latest project, “Greater is He,” combines soul-stirring music and heartfelt literature, serving as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment

In the heart of the Mid-Atlantic, North Carolina, Christian artist Ricky Byrum, under Burning Bush Productions, unveils his latest endeavor, “Greater is He.” Comprising both a music EP and a corresponding book, this project is a testament to Byrum’s unwavering faith and his dedication to spreading messages of hope and encouragement to all.

“Greater is He” marks the culmination of Ricky Byrum’s artistic journey, representing the third installment in a series of deeply spiritual works. Rooted in his profound reverence for the Lord God Almighty, this project emerges from a transformative period in Byrum’s life, marked by personal loss and profound change.

The accompanying book, titled “Greater is He That’s in Me (Than He That’s in the World),” offers readers a glimpse into Byrum’s spiritual journey and the powerful messages that have guided him through life’s trials.

Inspired by the biblical verse 1 John 4:4—”Greater is He”—Byrum shares poignant reflections on faith, resilience, and the enduring presence of God in our lives. With heartfelt prose, he honors the memory of his sister Vicki Byrum Hale, whose passing deeply influenced the creation of this work.

Simultaneously, the music EP, also titled “Greater is He,” serves as a melodic companion to Byrum’s written words. Written, performed, and produced by Byrum himself, with musical contributions from his longtime friend Thomas Arthur, the EP delivers a soul-stirring blend of Christian melodies and uplifting lyrics. The title track, “Greater is He,” serves as a powerful anthem of faith and triumph, echoing Byrum’s unwavering belief in the omnipotence of God.

Through “Greater is He,” Ricky Byrum extends an invitation to listeners and readers alike to embark on a journey of spiritual discovery and renewal. His multifaceted ministry, encompassing music, literature, speaking engagements, and merchandise, is guided by a singular mission: to praise the Lord and bless others.

With a heartfelt desire to finish well and make his Heavenly Father proud, Byrum’s life’s work is a testament to the transformative power of faith and the enduring hope found in Christ.

As “Greater is He” resonates with audiences, Byrum hopes that his words and music will serve as a source of comfort, inspiration, and spiritual enlightenment for all who encounter them. With a heartfelt prayer for blessings and peace, Ricky Byrum extends his hand in fellowship to all who seek solace and guidance on their own spiritual journeys.


Greatly blessed by the good Lord to create a place to encompass all aspects of his ministry, Ricky Byrum continues to be an admirable presence in Gospel music. With his music; books, speaking and offering merchandising, Ricky hopes to use his ministry for one mission- to praise the Lord and bless others. His life’s mission is reflected by his affirmation: “To finish well. (Thus making my Father in heaven proud).”









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