Supporting Ukraine’s Education Recovery One Pixel at a Time with PIXEL Donate

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Supporting Ukraine’s Education Recovery One Pixel at a Time with PIXEL Donate

May 15
18:30 2024

Kyiv, Ukraine – May 15, 2024 – A website with an interactive map has been created in Ukraine to raise funds for the reconstruction of schools by PIXEL Donate, where you can buy 1 pixel – 1 dollar to change the future of thousands of children.

Over the course of two years of full-scale war, the enemy has destroyed or damaged every 10th school, resulting in over 5 million students facing obstacles in accessing education. Children have lost the most important thing – the opportunity to learn and communicate in person. This is also a demographic problem that prevents families with children from returning home and forces those who have lived here despite the war to leave Ukraine. Creating conditions for the safe education of children should be a powerful incentive for thousands of families to return to Ukraine.

To help Ukrainian education recover, Ukrainian IT specialists have created the crowdfunding platform PIXEL Donate, aimed at raising funds to restore access to education. On the website, you can find an interactive map of Ukraine, consisting of a million small pixel-bricks. One pixel costs one dollar, so by coloring Ukraine, donors will raise a million dollars for school reconstruction.

The project was initiated by Ukrainian philanthropists Kyrylo Kukuruza and Juriy Kaleniuk, who themselves are parents of schoolchildren, and the issue of education in Ukraine is just as painful for them. The project’s implementation and informational support are undertaken by the digital agency CF.Digital.

“We took a pixel map as the basis, on which everyone can record their contribution, become part of a great goal. We are not only raising funds to restore educational spaces but also giving people a sense of involvement and unity. The project’s global goal is to replace large fundraisers for the implementation of social projects, allowing donors to see the entire process transparently – from collection to implementation,” says Kyrylo Kukuruza.

The project team collects donations for the needs of the partner charitable fund savED, which restores access to education in war-affected communities. Currently, it operates in the Kyiv, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, and Mykolaiv regions. savED was founded in 2022 by the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine (2019-2020) Anna Novosad together with the educational foundation GoGlobal.In 2023, the savED fund raised over 210,000,000 UAH and helped over 150 schools, creating educational centers, providing comfortable shelters, and equipping schools with technology, furniture, and books.

To donate to education restoration, everyone can choose a pixel on the interactive map. By choosing a location on the map and the color of the pixel, all donors together will create a bright, unique map of Ukraine. Each donation made will accelerate the reconstruction of safe educational spaces – helping to raise a conscious and educated youth that will rebuild our country.

Make your contribution right now, as school education, like childhood, cannot be postponed.


Kyrylo Kukuruza

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