AI transcription tool, Claudio, breaks the boundaries of automated speech recognition through unparalleled auto editing and formatting capabilities.

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AI transcription tool, Claudio, breaks the boundaries of automated speech recognition through unparalleled auto editing and formatting capabilities.

June 11
14:42 2024
AI transcription tool, Claudio, breaks the boundaries of automated speech recognition through unparalleled auto editing and formatting capabilities.
Last year, Loom Analytics, a pioneer in advanced AI workflow automation solutions, unveiled Claudio, an automated speech recognition tool that goes far beyond the limits of traditional speech-to-text software.

Designed for enterprise transcription teams, Claudio’s state-of-the-art AI algorithms assist with each stage of the transcript production process.  This includes:

  • automatic information extraction from legal and medical records,
  • transcription of audio files into accurate and grammatically correct written text, and
  • the production of a perfectly formatted first draft transcript.

This technology has revolutionised how professionals in the medical, legal, and medicolegal sectors capture and document information since it became commercially available in mid 2023.

What Makes Claudio Different?

“Unlike our competitors, Claudio addresses many stages of document production, like information extraction from source medical and legal reports, and producing completely formatted first draft documents that are standard in medico-legal workflows,” said Varaha Pudipeddi, Product Architect at Loom Analytics. 

This means that Claudio offers industry specific AI models and workflows that address the needs of its users beyond just speech to text.  This focus includes specialised speech models for each of the industries it caters to: legal, medical, insurance, medico-legal IME, media, and business, ensuring over 95% accuracy in its transcripts, with tailored workflows to meet the requirements of enterprise operations teams.

  • Smart Formatting: Claudio boasts a suite of integrated smart formatting features to help professionals custom tailor their transcripts so that it fits seamlessly into their existing workflows. These features include, but are not limited to:
    • Speaker identification
    • Dictation support
    • Entity formatting for numbers, dates, and names
    • Grammar Ready (more on this below)
  • Industry-Specific: Particularly crucial in industries with technical vocabulary, Claudio is tailored to meet the unique linguistic demands of the medical, legal, insurance and medicolegal domains. It understands and adapts to specialised terminology and dictionaries, ensuring production of accurate and contextually relevant transcripts.
  • Major Time & Cost Reductions: Claudio can generate over 95% accurate first draft transcript within minutes, saving transcription teams at least 70% of time that would otherwise be spent on manual typing. This allows teams to focus on core tasks and editing with confidence in the accuracy of their transcripts or reports.
  • Automatic extraction from documents: Claudio can pull specific information from a document and transfer it into a transcript. Some Custom Profiles let you upload source documents (LOI’s, Statements of Claim, etc.) for automatic data extraction and then insert the extracted information into Claudio’s transcripts into the correct locations, such as the cover page, header or footer. 

Specialised AI-based automation products like Claudio will lead to a major positive shift in the transcription and reporting process for enterprises wanting to maintain intellectual capital while significantly reducing the time spent creating transcripts and reports. This boosts production, turnaround times, and leads to positive customer outcomes.

Claudio’s Star Feature

The star of the show that makes Claudio lightyears ahead of current speech-to-text software is Grammar Ready, Claudio’s unrivalled integrated grammar editing tool that was recently launched by Loom Analytics. 

Unlike conventional speech recognition systems that transcribe speech verbatim, Claudio’s optional Grammar Ready feature goes a step further by automatically correcting grammar errors in dictated letters and reports without changing context. This groundbreaking technology, trained over 40,000 hours, addresses a critical need that existing Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems in the market have failed to address. It’s set to redefine how professionals dictate and transcribe information, increasing their productivity and cutting job time by at least 10%, which translates into increased profits.

Mona Datt, CEO of Loom Analytics, stated: “Grammar Ready emerged as the remedy to a common challenge faced by our clients: converting dictated letters and reports into transcripts and reports devoid of stutters, misspeaks, and grammatical errors inherent in everyday conversations, without changing context, in minutes. The introduction of Grammar Ready will revolutionise current and future clients’ operations for the better.”

Learn more about the Power of Claudio:

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Read the full details on the launch of Grammar Ready:

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Claudio servers are hosted in US, Canada, UK and Australia to ensure compliance with security and data residency requirements for its enterprise clients. Clients can use Claudio’s AI workflow automation capabilities through an API or web-based access.

About Loom Analytics:

Loom Analytics is a leading software technology company developing enterprise grade artificial intelligence technologies, dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower enterprises, government and professionals across various industries. With a focus on accuracy, efficiency, and security, Loom Analytics aims to redefine the way enterprises, government and professionals leverage AI to achieve their goals. Claudio processes  thousands of secure reports and transcripts per day in minutes for the medical, legal, medicolegal, insurance, and general business sectors.

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